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easy last-minute mother's day gift ideas

Easy Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 

Easy Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 


Are you looking for some easy last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas? We’ve got you covered!

Although it happens on the same Sunday every year, when Mother’s Day comes around it often takes some of us by surprise. Even if your mom (or wife, if you’re shopping as a hubby) isn’t picky and is easy to shop for, by the time it’s Mother’s Day you might simply just be tapped out for ideas. 

Within the few months leading up to Mother’s Day each year, you’ve already had to come up with something for Christmas, New Year (if you do gifts then), Valentine’s Day, Easter, and maybe even a birthday! That’s a lot of occasions to think of different gifts for!

So if you’re still drawing a blank on that perfect gift with Mother’s Day just around the corner, we’ve got some easy last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas we know your mom will love.

  1. Self-care
  2. Gardening
  3. Home goods
  4. Subscriptions
  5. Novelties
  6. Electronics
  7. Accessories


1. Self-care

On our list of easy last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas, we’ll start with the basics. No matter what kinds of hobbies your mom is into, ALL moms enjoy, need, and deserve some self-care help. Of course, you could plan an elaborate spa weekend and go all out. But since we’re short on time here, we’ve rounded up some everyday items that are easy and quick to grab that will still have her feeling rejuvenated and cared for like a queen.

Gratitude journal 

The ultimate self-care starts from the inside out with your mindset. With all of the amazing benefits of gratitude journaling, getting your mom a dedicated gratitude journal is a great place to start. Make it an extra sweet gift by including a list of all the things about your mom you are grateful for inside the journal.

Bath bombs gift set

Nothing is more peaceful than a bath, and nothing makes a bath more luxurious than a bath bomb. Get her a set of bath bombs made with natural ingredients that will leave her feeling relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated.

Scented candle

Candles bring warmth and comfort to any room. Treat your mom to an extra special candle infused with several essential oils expertly blended to make her feel more positive and happy.

Luxury hand cream set

The key to your skin aging well is hydration, so you can never have too much hand cream around. And with a luxurious French hand cream set from L’Occitane, she is sure to see and feel the difference.

Jade de-puffing face roller 

Facial rolling is relaxing and destressing and has been a beauty ritual in China since ancient times. It firms skin elasticity and reduces puffiness and fine lines. This jade roller is an incredible tool for inner and outer beauty that your mom will love.

Cozy cashmere mule slippers

Has your mom been stuck at home a lot more (haven’t we all…) due to the pandemic? Help her make the most of it with an extra luxurious pair of cozy cashmere mule slippers. She’ll never want to leave the house again.

2. Gardening

Is your mom into gardening? If so, there are a few easy last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas that will support her hobby and keep that thumb extra green. And she will love the thoughtful gesture.

Personalized flower pot

 Instead of a basic flower arrangement, get her a live plant as a gift that keeps on giving. And put it in a personalized flower pot that will bring her extra joy every time she sees it.

Floral garden tool set with matching gloves 

Just because gardening is dirty work doesn’t mean you can’t look cute while you do it. This matching set of floral gardening tools and gloves will keep your mom looking handy and feminine.

Succulent sampler set

 If your mom is really into gardening and plants, another great alternative to a basic flower arrangement is to get her a sampler set of cute little succulents. Think outside the bouquet!

3. Home goods

Useful kitchen items are always excellent last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas. It will help streamline her life and she’ll get a lot of use out of her gift!

French press coffee maker and coffee

Coffee is the most important meal of the day. Joking aside, make sure your mom is able to make great coffee at home with a simple and sleek French press coffee maker that will look great on her counter as well. Pair it with a bag of some merlot-infused coffee (you read that right!) to make it an extra special gift.


Finding scattered recipes online is okay. But there’s something special about finding that perfect cookbook with amazing go-to recipes, or that brings you brand new never-been-tried recipes and cooking your way through it. Your mom is sure to love cooking her way through Cravings by Chrissy Teigen, and probably giggle a lot while she does.

Teapot and luxury tea sampler box

 Is your mom a tea drinker? Elevate her tea time with a quality old-fashioned cast iron teapot and a sampler box of some of the finest teas out there.

Temperature control smart mug 

If your mom is a slow coffee drinker in the morning, she probably ends up drinking most of her cup luke-warm or even cold. But not anymore! This temperature-controlled smart mug will keep her cup of coffee at the perfect hot drinking temperature for hours! How cool is that?

Air fryer

If your mom doesn’t have an air fryer yet, it’s time to get her one. Air fryers are awesome and can cook almost anything, and make the concept of “fried” way more healthy. Air fryers make cooking a breeze. She won’t know how she ever cooked all those years without it.

4. Subscriptions

One of the easiest last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas is a gift that keeps on giving is a subscription to one of your mom’s favorite interests.

Magazine subscription

All of the digital and online media in the world can’t replace the simple delight of sitting back and thumbing through a magazine in print. There’s just something about those glossy pages, vibrant pictures, and informative articles that’s just nice to hold. Surprise your mom with a subscription to one of her favorite magazines, and favorite pastimes!

Streaming network subscription

With all the streaming network outlets available, there’s never been a better time than now to be stuck at home with extra time on your hands. Make sure your mom’s entertainment options are all up to date with a subscription to that streaming platform she’s been eyeing.


The MasterClass platform provides an amazing opportunity to learn just about anything from all of the masters of their fields. If your mom is itching to explore a new hobby and learn new things, a year’s subscription to MasterClass will be the ultimate gift.


A Birchbox subscription is an exciting gift that will keep giving her more presents all year long. And she might discover a few new favorite beauty products along the way!

5. Novelties

Celebrate your mom’s sillier side with one of these easy last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas to fit her personality.

What I Love About Mom gift book

While this fill-in-the-blank gift book isn’t funny on its own, it is made to be personalized. Fill in all the blanks with all of the silly, creative, loving, caring, and wonderful things that you love about your mom. This one’s sure to be a tear-jerker. In the best way.

Wacky socks

You can never have too many pairs of wacky socks. If your mom’s into humor or maybe characters from a favorite movie or show, get her a pair of wacky socks to match it!

Funny tote bag

You can never have too many tote bags. Ever. Give her a funny tote bag that brings a smile to her face every time she sees it!

6. Electronics

Another easy last-minute Mother’s Day gift idea is to get her an electronic item or accessory she didn’t know she needed.

Polaroid camera

Is your mom the nostalgic type? Surprise her with an old-style Polaroid camera! These cameras are so much fun, and she’ll get some great, unique pictures out of it that she can actually put up on the fridge or into a scrapbook. 


Does your mom love to read but hasn’t made the switch to an e-reader yet? Help her out and get her the latest Kindle! It will revolutionize one of her favorite pastimes. 

Blue light blocking glasses

If your mom absorbs a lot of screen time every day, show her you care about her eye health by getting her a pair of blue light blocking glasses. There might even be a few unpleasant blue light overexposure symptoms (like headaches and fatigue) that disappear once she starts using them!

7. Accessories

When in doubt, a well-chosen accessory can always be an easy last-minute Mother’s Day gift idea. The right accessory is useful and stylish and will remind her of you every time she wears it.

Kendra Scott pendant necklace

If the likes of Tiffany’s and Harry Winston are a bit outside of your price range (or, let’s face it, WAY outside), you can still make her feel sparkly and special with a gorgeous Kendra Scott pendant necklace. When it comes to affordability and elegance, you can’t go wrong with Kendra Scott.

Glam weekender bag

A weekender bag is one of the most useful things a woman can own, and you can’t have too many. Glam up her options with one of these stylish designer weekend bags.

Essential oil diffuser bracelet

Essential oils are important ways to bring sources of light, warmth, and comforting aromas into your home. Get your mom an essential oil diffuser bracelet so she can enjoy these healing, comforting properties wherever she goes!

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